• General Rules

  • §1
  • All players are equal in front of these rules! Regardless of
    gender, descent, language, homeland and/or national origin, religious
    belief or political ideals.

  • §2
  • Each player has the right to free develop his personality, if he
    does not harm other players in their rights or violates one of the
    rules below.

  • §3
  • All players are obliged, at regular intervals, to inform their
    selfs about rule changes and/or
    Rule amendments.

  • §4
  • Any Sabotage, hacking
    and other kinds of attack against the Homepage, Teamspeak 3, Game
    accounts and/or the Game Server will be reported and persecuted. Where advertising is also not allowed

  • §5
  • GMs are nothing better. The job of a GM is to solve problems and
    fix Bugs. A GM is not authorized to hand out Sp, XP and/or Items.

  • Rules of conduct

  • §6
  • No Player is
    permitted to present himself as another Player or even as a GM.

  • §7
  • Insults, racism and/or abusive and/or morally reprehensible Name,
    Player name, Guild name, Clan name, Title or even language, will not
    be Tolerated, whether in the "TeamSpeak 3", Forum or on the
    Game server!

  • §8
  • The "Chat" on the game server is to use appropriate and
    not for spam, rumors, harassment, flaming, begging, or debates.

  • §9
  • By a "bug" (an unintentional mistake in the game mechanics) or a cheat tool is an advantage prohibited. We ask "Bug's" Report to the forum immediately.

  • Game Rules

  • §10
  • "Kill stealing" (to kill a "raid bosses" or "raid boss" group, located in
    a fight with a player or group of players, in purpose to give other
    no XP, SP or loot items) is prohibited. Except valid Clan war
    Does not apply on the Bloodway (IL) Server!

  • §11
  • PvP (Player versus Player) and PK (player kill from behind) are
    generally allowed.

  • §12
  • Flying on a Dragon or Wyvern is not allowed in cities.

  • §13
  • If a Player violates
    one or several rules, the Administration and GMs are permitted to
    punish this player.

  • Penelty

  • §14
  • Penalties. Possible penalties are:

  • §14.1
  • Exclusion from the Chat

  • §14.2
  • Imprison of the player
    character in Jail (play internal prison), temporary or permanent.

  • §14.3
  • Renaming the player character.

  • §14.4
  • Blocking the player

  • §14.5
  • Delete the player character.

  • §14.6
  • Delete
    the player account.

  • §14.7
  • Blocking the forum account.

  • §14.8
  • Delete the forum accounts

  • §14.9
  • Blocking the player from
    Teamspeak 3, temporary or permanent.

  • EndlessWorld Newsletter

  • §15
  • Each created account EndlessWorld.de give her permission to send you regular updates, news, etc. in the form of a "newsletter".
    This authorization shall cease only when you terminate your EndlessWorld.de account.

    (EndlessWorld.de accounts are GameAccounts)

  • Olympiade / Hero

  • *
  • This rule is only for the server EndlessWorld (Hi5)

  • §16
  • In fairness, the following rules apply in the Olympide:

  • §16.1
  • Olympiade must enter ONLY with S-Grade. Exceptions: Bossjewelry, Shirts and Belts.

  • §16.2
  • Pushen in the Olympiade is not allowed.

  • §16.3
  • Penalties are:

  • §16.3.1
  • Delete all "Fights" over 6 wins.

  • §16.3.2
  • Delete all "Fights".(To the end of the Olymiade Periode!)

  • §16.3.3
  • Alle anderen geltenden Strafen.

  • RaidBoss / GrandBoss

  • §17
  • The RaidBoss(es) are free for Raidpartys, which are a minimum of 3 User

  • §18
  • The GrandBosses only in a party with 3 player or more. (not 3 chars in multiboxing)

  • §17
  • If any provision of
    these regulations be invalid or impracticable, or unenforceable, the
    validity of the rules of remain unaffected. In place of the invalid
    or unenforceable rule will be replaced by a valid and enforceable